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    Available courses

    A shell course holding a Moodle template course
    This is a sample Moodle course for teaching instructional staff how to use Moodle tool and processes. It has some basic sample data in it and uses the TOPICS course format. This course will .....
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    Welcome to Digital Media!

    This course is designed for students in BPA to access prior tests to use for practice and preparation for competitions. 

    MPCC MN Studies

    This will house all of our work for our BP Wednesday.  It will be hard to meet every person's needs with one type of professional development.  Please be patient and we will try to make sure everyone gets enough support to grow professionally.  If you have questions or concerns you may contact the following (in this order):

    1. your building principal

    2. P-D Subcommittee

    3. Mr. Schneider

    This course is designed to be a collaborative study of the book by Carol Dweck called - " Mindset - The New Psychology of Success."  The goal is to understand what each mindset does to use personally and professionally and eventually the impact we have on students and how this mindset manifests itself in our students.  Ultimately, we are seeking to find out, can our understanding of mindset have an impact on learning?  And, if it can have a positive or negative impact, what can we do about it?